one of those evenings

I'm going to write this post all in English since it's mostly about us.

I've been happy for such a long time now, I usually have like two evenings every week when I'm a bit down, but I haven't had that for a long long long time. Maybe it's because I had my graduation last week and prom before that.

And please don't get me wrong now, I can wait for you if it means that I have to wait forever or a lifetime. And please, don't get stressed out because of that you're not around now. Even though you're not here physically, you're here mentally, in my mind - twentyfour seven. But this evening I feel so upside down. My room feels like it's in another space and another time, I feel super lonely even though that I can hear my parents laugh at some silly show on the TV downstairs. I shouldn't feel this way at all. I have my wonderful parents, I have my beatiful friends who supports me no matter what, and most of all... I have you (even though I hardly can believe it).

I promised myself not to write too much about how I feel about you and me and this thing, but I can't. I've always been that girl who express herself best in writing long lovestories, that's how I rock. And sorry if you think that I'm too much now, I've heard that I can be a bit too much most of the time. Just let me know. I wouldn't say that I could change my behaviour for you, but I will always try to make you appreciate me even more. If that's possible.

I feel so lame right now, like this chick in some random American movie who's sitting in her olive green room, listening to John Mayer (what else) and feel sorry for herself. But guess what, that's also very being me. I'm most of the time over the top emotional, but I'd rather be that than showing no emotions at all.

Finally, I just wanted to say that we met in Berlin, but who knows were in the world we'll end up.

And now some Swedish: Jag orkar inte översätta, om ni inte fattar denna brutalt simpla engelska får ni la fråga mig på Facebook eller nått.

This makes me happy when I'm down + Hot chocolate.


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